The Pilates Center

Pilates & Fitness Studio
New Hope, Pennsylvania

Private sessions and classes for men and women

At The Pilates Center in New Hope, Pa., we teach Classical Pilates using the exercises and the order outlined and taught by Joseph Pilates. We also teach the GMB Method for those who want a different kind of bodyweight workout. Both modalities develop strength, flexibility, and body control through progressive exercises. Movement is medicine, so come in and build a more fit version of you!

Start Your Body Project!

We have a fully equipped Classical Pilates Studio with the most experienced teachers in the region. We offer private or semi-private sessions as well as classes. You can work at our studio or in the privacy of your home. All sessions are tailored to your individual needs and ensure you will receive a safe and effective workout experience.

Pilates is a method of physical conditioning that lengthens and strengthens the muscles of your trunk, spine, and abdomen. Conditioning these muscles can improve your posture and endurance, increase spinal flexibility, deepen breathing, and build a foundation for safe and controlled movement. Done consistently, Pilates can help correct imbalances and make you stronger and more resilient for your life.

GMB is a method developed in 2010 by three men with a background in gymnastics, martial arts, and physical therapy. It emphasizes mostly bodyweight exercises that can be performed just about anywhere. The movements are scaled up or down and progress over time. Whether you want to learn a handstand, get stronger and more flexible, or just move better in your life, GMB can help you build strength and flexibility, and develop coordination and control for healthier movement patterns.

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