Certified Pilates Instructor

Lee Artur is co-owner of the Pilates Center in New Hope, Pa., which she established in 2001. Lee was certified as a Pilates Instructor in 2000 and continues to train and study the authentic Pilates Method as taught by Joseph H. Pilates, as well as many other movement modalities, which creates a unique and interesting teaching style. She is known for her extensive knowledge of anatomy and clear, direct cueing.

Lee has been teaching fitness for over 30 years. She opened the Exercise Studio in Doylestown, Pa. in 1984 and in 1990, partnered with the Center Clubs as their fitness and Aerobic Director. Lee was instrumental in establishing one of the best fitness, aerobic and Spinning programs in the area.

Lee was certified in the Equilates Method of Dressage in 2005 by Betsy Steiner. Since that time, Lee has continued to work with Betsy and Jessie Steiner of Steiner Dressage to help their clients reach their fullest potential of strength, suppleness, and stamina for the sport of Dressage.

Certified Pilates Instructor
GMB Trainer
RYT-200 Yoga Instructor

Ray Humphrey has been a certified Pilates instructor since 2019 and is co-owner of The Pilates Center. Ray began practicing Pilates in 2007 after accumulated injuries from the gym and yoga. During those years as a student, he experienced how Pilates can not only rehabilitate, but lay the proper foundation for all movement. Ray began working with Lee in 2015 and became committed to teaching the original Pilates Method to others.

Ray became a GMB Trainer in 2021. He always wanted to perform more advanced hand balancing poses in yoga, but was unsatisfied with how they were taught in yoga classes. The GMB Method breaks down any complex movement into simpler steps that anyone can do. Each step builds strength and control for more advanced steps. Ray thinks it is a great complement to Pilates and offers either or both to clients.

Ray is also a RYT-200 certified yoga instructor who studied at Yoga Teacher’s College in Bareclona, Spain. He is a certified flexibility & mobility coach. He teaches safe, effective, and long-lasting techniques to increase flexibility and mobility, and alleviate tight muscles in hips, back, hamstrings, and shoulders.

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